Tyrone L. Edwards Sr's Journey

Tyrone is a convicted felon who has completely turned his life around. While incarcerated, Tyrone wrote a total of sixty books, six of them have been published. Tyrone had a vision of turning one of his books, War Behind Bars into a stage play. He made that happen with just his own financial backing. The cast is all local adults and youth. The majority of the cast has been incarcerated or have had run-ins with the law. Some of them have never acted before, danced or sung in front of an audience. 

War Behind Bars first premiered at the historic Madame CJ Walker Theater in January of 2022, second showing was at the Warren Performing Arts Center in April of 2022 and the finale  was performed at Pike Performing Arts Center in April 2023. Some of these experiences have not been very pleasant to say the least. Experiences like this is what lead Tyrone to start his own publishing company, Te's Publishing House and his non-for-profit Te's House of Thoughts.

Te's House of Thoughts offers free assistance to individuals on how to put their creative thoughts into book form and publish their own book, how to use their creative talents in acting, singing and dance and even how to turn their creative hobby into a business.